This is probably one of the most precious books I’ve ever read. It’s a beautifully illustrated story book about navigating child loss told from the perspective of Charlie after his baby brother died. I can see it helping so many families going through a similar experience. I haven’t personally experienced losing a child. However, I still enjoyed reading it with my boys and found it a lovely way to talk about big emotions which everyone experiences and are very normal, yet sometimes feel confusing, particularly for children. A great read for all families.

Lema Wiffen, Performance & Stress Management Coach



What a beautiful story of the love of two brothers and a very honest portrayal of the mixed emotions people go through. Well done for writing the story, it must have been incredibly hard to write but what a beautiful memory of RuairÍ and I will certainly read this story in school if needed.

Anna Juniper, School Teacher


We have all read your beautiful book together. It is absolutely perfect and so very poignant. The last line made me cry and happy all in one. There is so much love throughout. We had lots of talk about RuairÍ and the children’s lovely memories of him, and how is it so very sad and hard for Charlie, and you and Shane to have lost such a special brother and son. But also the wonderful ways you remember him. It really is a special book and we’re so privileged that you have shared it with us. It’s a wonderful and very love filled tribute to your gorgeous RuairÍ, he touched many hearts. And such a beautiful way to help other children too.

Karen Tierney, School Teacher